About Us

Leadership Development Centre

Moolmanshoek LDC is a nonprofit interdenominational Christian camp and conference centre, situated on 3300 hectares of Private Game reserve. The farm Moolmanshoek was declared a South African natural heritage site (#199) in 1994. The first camps were held on Moolmanshoek way back in 1974, and our rich camping tradition has grown much over recent years. For the past 40 years, the entire farm has been lovingly restored to closely portray the likeness of the old Eastern Free State. Next to our camp site are gorgeous peaks that form part of the Witteberg Mountains, and they offer breathtaking views on several scenic hikes. Other paths take you into the centre of our reserve, where you can easily find large herds of plains game, typical to our area. Moolmanshoek LDC and PGR is family owned. For more history on the family, please check out Moolmanshoek PGR's website at www.moolmanshoek.co.za

The Moolmanshoek LDC camp site is used to run camps for schools, churches, department of education, etc. with our primary focus and reason for being to bring healing, to disciple and equip young people from all over the world through this intern program.

The camp setting and situation makes a really effective training ground for shaping young hearts and lives.

As stewards of this beautiful land, we commit ourselves to sound management of both the natural and cultural resources, as well as the creation of enjoyable and enlightening experiences for our guests. Recognising the important role that we as conservation oriented reserve owners have to play in addressing past imbalances, we also commit ourselves to meaningful development and empowerment projects within our surrounding community.

Our guests play a significant part in our dream to create a model of integrated land management, incorporating international and local travelers and rural people, demonstrating that eco-tourism can be used on a sustainable basis to the mutual benefit of all.

We invite you to come to Moolmanshoek, experience its magic and be part of its future.