This terrain, situated 2 km from the Moolmanshoek Lodge is the base for the LDC and the hiking trails, with three types of accommodation for groups.

The "Skeerhokke" can accommodate up to 100 persons in two large dormitories. The Hikers Hut can accommodate 16 hikers or other persons, while there also are 9 double rooms, four of them with their own bathrooms.

We believe that every life experience contributes to personal development and growth. With this belief in mind our programmes are crafted in such a way to equip our visitors with better decision making skills.

We promote moral values and norms in different ways during our camps. . It is our hope that in doing so we can have a positive impact on every individual visitor’s life and those they influence. We invite you to come and share in this unique adventures as we endeavour to put the joy of outdoor camping within everyone’s grasp.